Complete Tire Services

Tire Recycling

At Smith’s Used Tires, we go green with tire recycling. When a tire has passed its safe and useful life, we recycle responsibly. We send worn-out tires to a reputable recycler where they’re shredded or crumbled. Then the scrap tires are used to make products such as athletic fields, mulch, and highway surfaces.

Tire Repair

Don’t get frustrated by a flat tire. Let the pros at Smith’s Used Tires repair, mount, and balance it for you in just minutes. Service includes removal of the tire from the rim, inspection, liner repair, puncture fill, remounting, and balancing.

Tire Pressure Check

Tire pressure is critical. The wrong pressure can lead to tire failure and accidents. Drive in to your local Smith’s Used Tires, and we’ll check pressure in all four tires for you – free! If necessary, we’ll also adjust the pressure.

Wheel Balancing

Even the smallest difference in wheel balance can create vibrations. Multiply that by four (or more) wheels, and it adds up quickly. Our wheel balancing service at Smith’s Used Tires includes tire and wheel removal, inspection, mounting, sealing, and inflating. We’ll also balance new tires and replace worn-out wheels.

Snow Tire Installation

When winter comes calling, you may decide it’s time for a set of seasonal tires. The pros at Smith’s Used Tires can install your snow tires or help you pick out the right ones for your vehicle. Our service includes removing your current tires and replacing them with seasonal tires.

Tire Rotation

To get the most life from your tires, rotate them twice a year. This helps tires wear longer and more evenly. It’s especially important for front wheel drive vehicles. Smith’s Used Tires service includes tire removal, inspection, rotation, and reset of any TPMS monitors.

Tire Mounting

Is it time to swap out your tires? Bring new tires with you, or buy them from us. Smith’s Used Tires will make sure they’re mounted safely. Service includes old tire removal, mounting and sealing new tires, and inflating and balancing each new tire.

New Tires

We have agreements with international partners to offer new Pinnacle, Hemisphere, and Lanvigator tires at a price that can’t be beat! If there is another brand you prefer, don’t worry as we will be sure to order your new tires of your choice and have them for you ASAP!


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